Media Release - New MISSIONMAP promotional video launched

MISSIONMAP intuitive mapping is now on Youtube

SYDNEY, NSW, October 3, 2016 - LOGI-MAP Pty Ltd, creators of the MISSIONMAP Airborne Mission Management System have released an exiting new promotional video which shows off the key features and benefits of the advanced moving map application.

MISSIONMAP provides the key functions of navigation, mission management and optional electro-optic/infrared (EO/IR) sensor control for specialised airborne operations. MISSIONMAP is an intuitive touch-screen based digital mapping software application that assists with task coordination and mission planning. The product has been developed to aid fixed and rotary wing Tactical Flight Officers, Mission Coordinators and UAV operators in achieving their mission through the rapid provision of information about their present position and/or a chosen destination or ‘target’.

The MISSIONMAP software is also designed to function as a stand-alone portable solution. This can be used in aircraft without the need for a costly fixed installation where a gyro-stabilised camera is not utilised, in vehicles and/or at command posts.

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About Logi-Map Pty Ltd.

LOGIMAP provides outstanding products and services in the field of airborne and terrestrial special operations mission management and navigation (with gyrostabilised camera integration). Designed for rotary, fixed wing and unmanned aircraft, our product - MISSIONMAP is created for Tactical Flight Officers, Mission Coordinators and UAV operators performing Airborne Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue, Emergency Medical Services, Firefighting, Infrastructure Support, Utilities Inspection, Forestry & Parks Support and Government/Military operations.



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