Media Release - LOGIMAP releases MISSIONMAP V2

MISSIONMAP takes the pressure off Tactical Flight Officers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Sydney, Australia, 12 October 2014

LOGIMAP has released MISSIONMAP V2, a Windows based mapping system designed by three tactical flight officers (TFOs) with a combined 40 years in airborne law enforcement (ALE) and search & rescue (SAR) operations.

MISSIONMAP integrates Electro Optical Infra-Red Systems (EOIRS) in aircraft with an easy to use touchscreen interface that helps camera operators locate or follow targets and provides instant and accurate information about a target’s location and/or movement.

LOGIMAP’s experienced TFOs designed MISSIONMAP to address the gap that exists in mapping systems currently available to ALE & SAR operators. “The information and features displayed on some other systems can be overwhelming and cluttered. They’re difficult to look at in a busy cockpit environment. We’ve built MISSIONMAP from the ground up so every function is immediately recognisable and logical”, said MISSIONMAP co-creator Duncan Macdonald.

From the policing perspective it is designed to allow the TFO to concentrate on their main objective – to catch the ‘bad guy’ or protect the ‘good guy’ - while for a SAR Air Crew Officer, it efficiently manages the search and rescue of a person.

One of MISSIONMAP's advantages over similar systems is that the version used onboard the aircraft is complemented by an identical desktop or portable version for ground use. For the first time, mission planning and review can all be done on the same system.

LOGIMAP co-founder Duncan Macdonald explained, “There’s a lot going on in the cockpit when the job is on. TFOs need to be able to see what’s going on without worrying about unnecessary control inputs or spending time interpreting where they are or where the target is. Anything that reduces that workload and stress is extremely valuable."

"We've put a lot of thought into the human/computer design interface and in making MISSIONMAP v2 a true multi-mission tool. It's just as effective as a portable tablet based mapping system as it is on an EOIR equipped special missions aircraft or a SAR machine without an EOIR capability. The system is compatible across all of the markets it serves."

Features of the MISSIONMAP mapping system include:

  • Pioneering, intuitive touchscreen interface Integrates readily with a variety of EOIRS
  • Commands the EOIRS to point at and maintain any target with just a few touches of the screen
  • Integrates with the latest Laser Range Finder to provide the greatest accuracy
  • Searches for addresses, latitude/longitude and grid references Provides instant and accurate display of the target’s location or address
  • Logs the position of the aircraft and the camera track for intelligence or evidentiary purposes
  • Multilingual capability with intuitive on-screen icons
  • Minimal input required to operate
  • Superior vector map data sourced from "Here" (formerly Navteq)
  • Maps from Bing & Open Street Map available with an internet connection
  • Supports user specific custom maps and overlays such as aviation charts and airspace boundaries

The new version builds on MISSIONMAP V1 which is widely used in the Australian ALE environment.

MISSIONMAP V2 has been tested on the Gold Coast (AU) by Westpac Surf Life Saving, which provides services to Queensland Police.

“The support of this organisation to conduct final rotary wing flight testing was invaluable as they were able to conduct missions in a variety of operational environments,” Mr Macdonald said.

Initially designed for ALE tasks, surveillance and SAR operations, LOGIMAP has broadened MISSIONMAP’s applications following demand and growth in other sectors of the aviation community.

“It is important to us to provide precisely what the client needs,” Mr Macdonald said. “We consult with the practitioners, the specialist operators, and with their input we have developed tools and variations that suit firefighting, search and rescue, mapping, and infrastructure, gas and power line surveillance.”

MISSIONMAP is widely used in Australia but is now also available for use in North and South America, Europe and Asia.





LOGIMAP was founded by three tactical flight officers who have accrued 40 combined years of aviation experience in busy law enforcement environments. They formed a partnership with Sydney based software architect and set about designing a true multi-mission management system that is available today.