MISSIONMAP to support Rhino Air in anti-poaching operation

SYDNEY, NSW, Mar 15, 2017 - LOGIMAP, the creators of the MISSIONMAP Airborne Mission Management System have partnered with Panasonic Toughbook Australia in donating a hardware/software package to Rhino Air.  Rhino Air is a U.S. 501(c)(3) public charity  dedicated to using helicopters with advanced thermal and night vision technologies to prevent the needless slaughter and poaching of Africa's Rhinos and Elephants. 

After meeting Rhino Air CEO and founder - Eric Rudzinski at Heli-Expo 2016 in Louisville, the LOGIMAP team were immediately inspired by his passion and enthusiasm for the anti-poaching cause. “Coming from an airborne law enforcement background ourselves, it made so much sense why Eric was introducing police patrol and surveillance tactics and technology into anti-poaching operations.” said Angus Oliver - co-founder of LOGIMAP.  “While anti-poaching is animal conservation mission, it’s also a law enforcement mission. The scope and complexity of the criminal networks involved in poaching would surprise many people and we wanted to help give Rhino Air the upper hand in the field.” Oliver explained.

LOGIMAP pledged their support to Rhino Air at Heli-Expo 2016 by committing to donate MISSIONMAP software for anti-poaching air operations.  MISSIONMAP performs the key functions of navigation, mission management and optional electro-optic/infrared sensor control for specialised airborne operations. The MISSIONMAP software is also designed to function as a stand-alone portable solution on a Windows rugged tablet PC with MISSIONMAP Tablet Edition.  Other use cases are in vehicles, vessels and/or command posts.  It was these features that prompted LOGIMAP to contact Panasonic Toughbook Australia and tell them about the Rhino Air organisation, and to see if they were able to help. “Panasonic showed an interest in the program straight away and shortly after pledged a donation of Toughbook hardware. They knew that the Toughbooks are built for that (anti-poaching) environment, and loaded with MISSIONMAP together we could help make a difference” Oliver said.

True to their word, Panasonic Toughbook Australia recently donated a CF-19 convertible tablet PC and a flagship CF-31 rugged laptop to Rhino Air.  The MIL-STD devices are water and dust resistant, rugged and drop resistant and are sunlight readable with touchscreen functionality. 

The CF-19 is best suited for use within the aircraft converted into its tablet mode, while the  bigger CF-31 complements the operation by being set up at the base of operations. Oliver says, “Running identical systems of MISSIONMAP in the aircraft and by coordinators on the ground means they are seeing exactly the same map detail or aerial imagery.  Accurate information flow is critical to these operations.  MISSIONMAP running on the Toughbooks will provide that for Rhino Air and the anti-poaching teams they’re supporting”

The Toughbooks were presented to RhinoAir CEO Eric Rudzinski by LOGIMAP Director and software architect Angus Oliver at Heli-Expo 2017 in Dallas and will be introduced to Rhino Air operators in South Africa in May. To find out more about Rhino Air visit www.rhinoair.org


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